My Paetron Page

I have launched a new Paetron page here:

As a part of the experience that I am offering I will be posting documentation of my work process. This will consist of image examples at various stages of the editing process as well as a detailed description of the adjustments made to each image to bring it to its final form. These tutorials will be either in text or video form depending on the level of subscription.
I will use this blog as an opportunity to tell the story of my work, to tell my story. Each image that I present will be accompanied with the story behind the work which will start with a description of the work involved in capturing the image. I will begin with a description of the decision of where to travel and continuing with a detailed accounting of the steps taken to photograph my surroundings once I have arrived at a chosen destination. This part of the story may include a travel log style telling of the trip as well as technical details revolving around the technique of image capture.

The next step which will be described in the blog accompanying each image is the post processing involved in achieving the final result. This will include instruction in using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and the reasons for the choices made in each of these graphics programs. Some of the instructions will consist of thoughts on when to use each program and workflow strategies to use for specific types of images/assignments.

The purpose of the blog is to give real world instruction in the art of photography. My emphasis is on landscape and urban exploration photography, but I will venture into other areas of interest as well. I do consider requests from subscribers and this will guide some of my adventures and give more input to this blogs followers.

The blog will have a public side which will be a weekly posting. This posting will be a viewing of an image recently taken with little information. To receive more information and access to the monthly posting which will include more detailed information about the image and the ideas surrounding it you will need to subscribe at some level. I am not asking for a huge commitment to receive benefits on this blog. You can view basic blogs for as little as $1 per month. The most expensive monthly donation will be $35 per month for which you would receive, among other things, a signed 8×10 print each month.

My hope is that I can use the donations from this blog to further my ability to educate as well as expand the art work I produce. Subscriptions would help me to advance the work, research new technologies and share the knowledge found with my students at the university as well as subscribers. Subscriptions will also ensure that I will be able to travel to interesting locations to capture images while telling the story of the trip.

My first trip that I am planning is to St Louis to visit some abandoned buildings there. My urban exploration is different than most in that I temporarily alter the spaces I invade to present an improved version for the camera. My inspiration for the alterations comes from the early wrappings of the artist Christo.

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