My Patreon Page


As an artist I constantly struggle with the idea of creating work that is commercially acceptable while also expressing my unique vision of the world. I do not want my work to look like every other photographer posting to 500 px, but I am working toward refining my work to a more saleable form. In the mean time I struggle at times to get some of the necessities of my craft, after the bills are paid. For this reason I have joined the web site, which is a donation site that works very differently from places like Kickstarter. First of all, you can just visit the site and look at cool stuff without donating at all. If you feel inspired to help an artist, you can. One member described this as being like a virtual tip jar. Secondly, this is an ongoing donation, not a one shot deal, which you can cancel at any time. Some artists have it set up where you pay them with each work they produce, which is perfect for the songwriters. I have mine set up for the monthly donation model since I anticipate producing work at least 3 times a week. I have come to this site to try and help a little, or a lot, with some of my artistic and academic goals. I hope you will check out my page on the site. The link is below.


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